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Buffalo, NY Jewelry Repair

Even the most skillfully crafted jewelry wears down over time. It is always important to have your jewelry inspected, and repaired when necessary. To ensure your jewelry stands the test of time, feel free to stop in – or send us your items for a free repair estimate.

For any other type of repair work not listed on this page, please call or stop by our workshop for more information and estimates. All repairs are done in house, and can potentially be completed within a few business days – depending on the work necessary. Some of the most common repairs Gem Designs can fix, include:

Broken and/or worn prongs

Diamonds and Gemstones are normally held into place in a piece of jewelry by “prongs” or “claws”. These prongs can wear away over time, and even break completely off. It is important to have these pronged items looked at every 6 months – to ensure the stones safety.

Faulty or Broken Clasps

Necklaces and bracelets with moveable clasps, can wear down over time as well. The mechanics can break down – rendering the closure unusable. Clasps endure the most damage when it comes to necklaces, based on the weight of the piece, and normal pulling and tugging. It is important to have clasps and closures replaced or repaired when necessary, to ensure safety from loss or damage.

Ring Sizing

Sizing women’s and men’s rings is a very common repair done in our shop. Pricing can vary depending on how much larger or smaller the rings needs to be made, any side stones or diamonds, and any additional care that may need to be taken with created gems.

Replacing Missing Diamonds & Gemstones

Without the proper maintenance of prongs and claws, there is always the possibility of your diamonds or gemstones to come loose from your jewelry, and be lost. We can re-set missing stones, to match any existing pieces’ size, shape, and quality.

Store Information

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(716) 447-0217

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